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Bioma Vinha Velha 2011 Vintage Niepoort Port

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Bioma Vinha Velha 2011 Vintage Niepoort Port
Brilliant dark red appearance with a refined, silky, vinous aroma and subdued fruit .Well structured on the palate with wonderful elegance and finesse ; medium sweet with a lengthy finish. 
At our Port winemaking facility, in Vale de Mendiz, the grapes for Bioma are trodden entirely by foot with 100% stems. After fortification with fine brandy, the Port is left to settle over the winter. Springtime sees the wine transferred to our winery at Quinta de Nápoles and racked into pipas (the classic 550 litre lodge pipe). For the classic Niepoort Vintage, and most other vintage port, the wines are transferred to Vila Nova de Gaia, and aged in large vats. Using pipas instead of large vats was inspired in the "old days” when England shipped wines in pipes. Furthermore we bottle Bioma "Vinha Velha” in the third year after the harvest, rather than the second. This results that we offer Bioma one year later than the classic Vintage Port. In 2011, the Douro was blessed with rather cooler conditions, and later harvest, which were excellent conditions for the concept of Bioma "Vinha Velha”. The finished wine is super-bright, with fantastically expressive fruit, and a strong base of minerality


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