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Wedding Wine

The Wedding Wine List

For the Wedding Guest
If you are a customer who wishes to buy from a list just scroll down to the Bride & Grooms name below & select & order the wines & or Gift Vouchers you require. We will deliver to the Bride & Groom as per their requirements.
Any problems just phone or email. Please remember to add your personal message when ordering & we will include this with a label on each bottle & with a gift Card with the wines you select.

For the Bride & Groom
A great alternative to the traditional list - for couples who already have most household items. There is a limit to how many towels & toasters you really need..... And for wine lovers waht better gift could you ask for - from your own selection.

So - here is a new & different solution which can be carefully designed, suited & personalised to the Bride & Grooms own requirements.

Please look at the Example Below.

We Offer
1. An efficient & professional service designed to your requirements. The Bride & Groom can personally select the wines for their Wedding List from our whole range of wines.
2. A comprehensive range of wines at all price levels from all over the World with expert advice if required to complete your selection
3. Delivery to the Bride & Grooms requirement - In many cases this will be free -12 bottles & above UK Mainland - arranged to suit the Bride & Groom either just before the Wedding or on return from Honeymoon to the address of their choice.
4. A carefully designed service that labels each wine with your guests own message & the gift in total will come with a Gift Card & Message.
5. Gift Vouchers are also available if guests prefer which can then be redeemed at a later date at the Bride/Grooms convenience.

So what to do now???
Have a look at the example on our website & then have a detailed look at the wines we offer & begin making you selection.

Contact us by phone or email to set up & personalise your WEDDING GIFT Section
please note that the details you give to guests will need to direct them to our website & will also need to give them details of what to fill in as the delivery name and address when they go to checkout.


Welcome to the Wedding Wine List of Claire Moore and James Bickers
Wedding Date 17th July 2012


Welcome to the Wedding Wine List of John Taylor and Susannah Lewis
Wedding Date 23rd June 2012