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Spanish Wine

The Orange Vine Cellar Selection Spanish  Red
£ 5.45

Soft and fragrant with deep flavours all the way through.

The Orange Vine Cellar Selection Spanish Dry White
£ 5.45
Clean, crisp and refreshing in the mouth.
The Orange Vine Cellar Selection Spanish Rose Wine
£ 5.45

Full of gentle soft fruit flavours all the way through

RIOJA Vina Palaciega Joven 2015
£ 7.25

A young and stylish Rioja with a superb balance of fruit and tannins

Torre Solar Macabeo 2013
£ 7.75
Fresh and fragrant with hints of lemon, lime and pineapple. 
Torre Solar Tempranillo Petit Verdot 2013
£ 7.75
Soft and succulent with lots of red fruit and a slightly spicy aftertaste.
Cuna de Reyes Rioja  2015
£ 7.95

Ultra vibrant & fruity in style with lively flavours of cherries & plums.

Pago Traslagares Rueda 2015 VERDEJO
£ 7.95

Amazingly fresh & lively with lovely green fruit flavours in the mouth.

Benedictum 111 Ribero Del Duero 2012 Crianza
£ 7.95

Wonderfully smooth & generous Crianza from Ribero del Duero

Can Petit Cava ROSE
£ 8.45
A bright, vibrant and fruity Rose Cava. 
CUNE Vina Real Crianza 2011/12 Rioja
£ 8.95
Subtle & elegant with some spicyness and long balanced flavours.
Eguren Ugarte Cosheca 2014 RIOJA Tinto
£ 9.25

Young and stylish with loads of fruit and flavour and some wonderful spicy hints