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Ports and Vintage Ports

Ports and Vintage Ports
We are particularly pleased to offer Niepoort Ports both vintage and non-vintage, who we believe to be the BEST Port House in terms of Quality and Value for money. 

We also have some stocks of other older Vintage Ports.

As Vintage Port ages it undergoes a metamorphosis, shedding the deep red colour of its youth, adopting golden and tawny hues instead. The wine's structure softens and its aromas meld and multiply in complexity. The resultant liquid has a lovely mellow sweetness, rich round texture and enduring flavours, reminiscent of ripe figs, dates or liquid honey

Points to Consider 

While fabulous to drink, the oldest of these are wines that aren't always beautiful to behold - labels may be decomposing or completely absent, but here beauty is in the taste buds of the imbiber! Fortunately Port's high alcohol and sweetness preserve these wines, so even those with some ullage will provide lovely drinking. 

Up to and including the 1970 vintage, Port was frequently shipped in barrels (pipes) by British Merchants and bottled here. Many of our wines are UK Bottled. While purists may pay more for "Oporto Bottled" wines it can be argued that the pipes carefully selected for shipping by UK Merchants were often the pick of the vintage - certainly they don't deserve to be discounted

Vintage Ratings
The star ratings are taken from Michael Broadbent MW's Great Vintage Wine Book.

1963 - beautiful wines with intense fruit that have proved extremely age-worthy.
1966 - wines with concentrated fruit and firm structure, initially overshadowed by 1963.

****(*) 1970 - an underrated vintage of classic wines that have aged well and frequently produce wonderful surprises.
1977 - tannic, almost ageless wines that have softened slowly, gaining great complexity in the process. 
£ 15.25

A superb aperitif with a golden, nutty honey flavour. 

Niepoort RUBY PORT Ruby Dum
£ 15.25

A young red port giving a round, fruity & youthful flavour.

£ 20.45

Drink now or lay down. Absolutely superb!

Niepoort Senior TAWNY PORT
£ 20.45

A young light coloured red port giving a round, fruity & youthful wine

Niepoort CRUSTED PORT 3rd Edition Bottled 2012/2014
£ 25.95
A multi-layered Port that is just a step below Vintage
Niepoort 10 YEAR OLD TAWNY
£ 33.95

Great on its own slightly chilled. Luscious, soft & generous.

Niepoort SECUNDUM Vintage 1999
£ 43.95

A Vintage Port which is superb & approachable at an early age. 

Vintage PORT Niepoort 2009
£ 53.95
Vintage PORT Niepoort 2009
Vintage PORT Niepoort 2007
£ 54.95
Vintage PORT Niepoort 2007
Vintage PORT Croft 2003
£ 55.00
Vintage PORT Croft 2003
Niepoort 2015 Vintage Port
£ 55.95

Vintage Port maintains Niepoort's tradition of making balanced Ports with great concentration, being at the same time fine and delicate. We strongly believe we can make a Vintage Port with potencial to last for decades. Vintage Port must be bottled within two or three years of the harvest date.

2015 was as perfect as it gets, particularly for Port – a year where we had time to think and make the right decisions, with the weather helping enormously.

Picked at the perfect time, 40% originating from our Pisca vineyard and 60% from different small parcels, all over 80 years old, the Ports were foot-trodden and made in lagares in Vale de Mendiz, with 100% of the stems.

This resulted in incredible Ports with an unusual dimension, impressive structure with fine and intense tannins, great concentration but always accompanied by balance and harmony.

The sweetness is masked by the wonderfully robust tannins, the alcohol by the generous concentration, with the fantastic natural acidity of 2015 providing an overall balance.

The nose is shy but focused, no overripe prune-like characteristics, just a gentle and elegant expression of fruit and complexity – it is a joy just to smell all the hidden elements.

The balance and harmony in the bottle promise a great future: these are bottles to taste in the coming years in order to smile at its youth, to drink properly in 20 years and to enjoy fully in 40 years. A Vintage which is actually destined for the next generations so they can admire the beauty that the Douro is able to deliver.