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Petrucco PICOLIT Fruili Colli Orientali DOC 2016 50cl

Petrucco PICOLIT Fruili Colli Orientali DOC 2016 50cl
(Code: IT23)
Rare & amazing Desser Wine from the wonderful slopes of Colli Orientali
An ancient fruilian vine dating back to Roman times
The cultivation of the vines undergoes a rare 'partial floreal abortion' which leaves the bunches scattered with smaller & sweeter berries

But the outcome is a superb, sweet but not too sweet, dessert wine - apricots, pears, dates & dried figs
Lovely & delicate on the nose - wild figs & apricots

This is a stunning wine - expensive but worth every penny & memorable for special occasions.....

Lovely presetation & supplied its own Gift Box

 Colour: White          100% Picolit

The Petruccowinery is the result of Lina and Paolo Petrucco's lovefor their land: we are in the heart of the D.O.C. area Colli Orientali ofFriuli (Eastern Hills Of Friuli), in the town of Buttrio in Monte, Udine (Italy).  

The Colli Orientali ofFriuli are sunny and gentle slopes,ideal for viticulture, that has been practiced in this area since ancient times. The soil is of Eocene origin, basically made up of stratified clay and calcareous marls. This peculiar soil, locally called ponca, isparticularly suitable for vine-growing, because it is very rich of mineralsalts and microelements.  

The estate spreads over a total area of 35hectares with vineyards covering 25 hectares. Because of the focus on high quality the average annual production consists of about 100,000bottles, as a result of an intentionally low yield.

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