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Raise a glass of Romanian wine to celebrate World Dracula Day on 26 May

Fans of horror fiction have celebrated PrinceVlad III of Wallachia, or Vlad the Impaler, who after his apparent death, became the world’s most well-known vampire, for many years.

Romania’s most famous export hailed from the Carpathian Mountains in Transylvania, landing on the shores of Whitby (not a million miles from York Wines!) as a large black dog and, according to legend, ran up the 199 steps to the Abbey’s neighbouring cemetery where he took refuge before embarking on his ultimately unsuccessful mission to recruit more vampires.

Centuries later, Romania is now one of the greatest producers of wine – the sixth largest in the EU – and as of 2018, the UK is the greatest importer of Romanian wine.

Remarkably, Romania has been producing wine for the same amount of time as France but a lack of resources meant the industry struggled until recent investment which has enabled Romania to become a hugely successful wine producing country.

Here at York Wines we stock both Umbrele and Calusari wines from the Cramele Recas winery. Calusari wines are in particular, very firm favourites both with us and our customers.

The Cramele Recas winery has enjoyed a 20 million euro investment from the wonderfully down to earth English winemaker Philip Cox, who has replanted many of the original vines, and transformed Calusari and Umbrele into a variety of superb yet well-priced wines. In the Calusari label; a velvety, smooth Pinot Noir, a crisp, fresh Pinot Grigio and a soft, fruity Pinot Grigio Rose with hints of caramel, all priced at £7.65, are fantastic every day drinking at excellent value. There is also an unusually rich, full Sauvignon Blanc, a lovely soft, fruity Merlot and a spicy Syrah on the Umbrele label. All fantastic choices to try from somewhere unusual but pertinent to celebrate with on World Dracula Day. Ironically all but the Sauvignon are also vegan and there’s no trace of garlic to be found……


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