World Malbec Day 17 April 2021

Grapes and wine bottles with word 'Malbec'

On 17 April 1853, the then President of Argentina made it his mission to transform the struggling Argentinian Wine Industry. A French soil expert was tasked to bring new vines to the country and ‘Malbec throughout the World’ day, often referred to as ‘World Malbec Day’ in English speaking countries, was born.

The Malbec grape is a dark inky purple in colour, thick skinned and was traditionally used in Bordeaux blends before acquiring its own well-deserved centre stage. It is the dominant variety in wine from Cahors and was recently adopted by New Zealand where the wines tend to be softer, fruitier, less firm and more velvety in the mouth. It is in Argentina however, where its world-renowned star shines the brightest as the ‘National variety’ synonymous with wine from Mendoza, softer and less tannic than its French cousins.

Malbec pairs excellently with steak which is why Malbec wines feature so prominently in Argentinian steak houses. The vivid scent and rich fruitiness work well with leaner cuts like sirloin and fillet which complement the smokiness of griddle or barbecue cooking.

We’ve a Malbec for every taste and budget, why not give one of them a try this Malbec World Day, or a couple of different styles as a taste comparison with friends.

Finca Del Alta Malbec 2020, Mendoza Argentina £7.95                                

A full, rich, smooth red with an attractive deep red colour. Red cherries and blackberries on the nose.

Santuario Malbec 2020, Mendoza Argentina £8.95

A soft succulent red from the heart of Argentina’s premium wine regions in Jujan de Cuyo and the Uco Valley. Plum, blue berry and blackcurrant combine to give complex flavours and a harmonious finish.

Inacayal Vineyards Malbec 2018, Mendoza Argentina £9.25

Attractive and expertly balanced. Lovely concentration of cherry and plum fruit with the added complexity of some barrel ageing. A powerful wine that is superbly smooth, long and finely balanced.

Chateau Paillas 2019 Cahors Cuvee Tradition AC France£11.95

Liquorice and red fruits dominate this 95% Malbec, 5% Merlotblend to make a stunning and exceptional wine. Superbly balanced, big, bold, and strong but without the toughness or hardness that is generally characteristic of wines from this area. A lovely wine - one of our favourites!

Mad Bird Malbec Ancellotta 2018, Argentina £13.45

Blending with the Italian Ancellotta grape creates another dimension to traditional Malbec wines adding a hint of spiciness which contrasts beautifully with the rich depth and sweetness of Malbec. This is a superbly smooth and harmonious wine.

Mad Bird Dark Malbec 2018, Argentina £13.45

The newest addition to our Malbec collection and perhaps our most daring yet! Wonderfully full and rich with intense depth and structure. A bold finish leaves you itching for another taste.

Left Field Malbec 2019, Hawes Bay New Zealand £13.95

Bursting with fruit flavour and a velvety richness in the mouth this lovely Malbec demonstrates both similarities and contrasts with its Argentinian counterparts. Big and full with an intense aftertaste that lasts and lasts. This is extremely popular!

Inacayal Vineyards ‘Single Vineyard’ Malbec 2017,Mendoza Argentina £21.50

Very intense deep, dark red in colour with purple hues. Aromas of spices and mature red fruit. Toasted characters and spice from ageing in new French oak casks. An extremely powerful Malbec with ageing potential. A stunning deep juicy red with rounded tannins. Great now and will age well.