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Wedding Wines & Gifts

Our experts are here to help you choose the perfect wines for your special day.

Choosing the right wine for your wedding or special occasion is an important part of hosting an event.

We can help you with the supply of drinks for parties and weddings.  With over thirty years of experience helping people find the right wines for their special day, we are very experienced with the process of supplying drinks, know all the potential issues and can save you money in doing so.  Regardless of whether your event is large or small, we will make sure you get a bespoke service and your requirements are tailored to you.

Why use York Wines rather than a specialist bar company?

Hotels, restaurants, bars and catering companies will charge you premium pricing for your wedding wine. We don’t do this and you simply pay our retail pricing and we offer sale or return so you aren't left with wine you don't need.

We pride ourselves on our wines with the knowledge that only the wines of the highest quality and value for money have been selected and added to our range.

We will provide expert advice on our range of wines that come from all around the world.  Delivery will be as specified by you.

We offer you an efficient and professional service that is designed to meet and exceed your expectations. 

The service from York Wines

  • Free tastings and delivery
  • Competitive prices
  • Sale or return policy
  • Free glass hire
  • Food and wine matching advice
  • Experienced wine advisers
  • Prompt and reliable service

Choosing a particular style of wine and the quantity of bottles to buy can be daunting.  We can help you choose the ideal wedding wines to make your special day even better.

So we invite you to celebrate your big day with our selection of sparkling wine for the welcome drinks and toast.  We also offer a great selection from the finest white, red and rosé wines for the meal and remainder of your event.

You will find the perfect wine accompaniment for canapés, buffet or your formal meal.

Buying your wine from an independent wine merchant means receiving expert advice.  We have a choice of over 500 wines so you won't be restricted to choosing from a venue's list which may not suit your requirements.  You can often improve on the quality of a venue’s house wine and, even with corkage fees, save some money.  Our comprehensive list has something to suit every taste and budget.

In addition to wines, we can also supply beers, soft drinks and spirits.  So if you are thinking about a welcome cocktail or simply want to take care of the non-drinkers, we are sure to be able to help.

As for calculating the quantities to order, we are well equipped to advise you on how much wine you will need.  We can also offer sale or return for extra peace of mind.  This means you can add a few bottles on to your order in case of guests drinking a bit more than you calculated.

We also cater for events such as anniversaries, private parties, family gatherings and any type of event where you require top quality products with a prompt and reliable service.

In the meantime, here is a handy guide about choosing the wine for your event.

A.  The Basics

1. Choose Popular Wines

Whilst you may have chosen a unique venue, it’s best not to be too adventurous with the wine, as everyone has different tastes.  So for the welcome drinks, wines for the table and wine for the toast, it’s probably best not to pick a niche grape but rather choose safe options with easy drinking reds like merlot and pinot noir or softer blends from southern Italy or France.   For whites, think about fresh and crisp refreshing wines like pinot grigio, unoaked chardonnay or sauvignon blanc.

2. Consider the food and the weather

If you have a spring or summer wedding during the day or maybe outdoors, you probably won’t want to serve anything too heavy.  Big 14% reds like malbec and shiraz are lovely but you don’t want people to fall asleep during the speeches.  Instead try to keep them medium bodied so the wine can be enjoyed throughout the event,  Lighter reds work well with both chicken and fish too.

3. Don’t run short

It’s better to over cater and have waiters topping guests up or leaving bottles on the tables.  You don’t want to see your guests searching desperately for the next glass.  If guests feel that the wine is about to run dry, they not only tend to drink more but drink it more quickly too.

4. Sparkling Wine

Champagne for a wedding can be quite expensive.  Depending on your budget it is nice to allow a glass of Champagne for toasts but remember that you don’t have to serve champagne to start.  Spanish Cava or French Crémant de Loire make a delicious, better value alternative to Champagne and it is made in exactly the same style using the same methods.  Prosecco is also hugely popular and is softer and more fruity to drink.  There are also a host of alternative sparkling wines from Australia and New Zealand.  If you really do want to have Champagne, consider the family growers rather than the big name brands as the prices will be much better.

B.  The Detail

Planning a wedding can be complicated.  But the drinks for your special day shouldn't have to be.  It may seem overwhelming but there is no need to worry.  We will take you through how to plan the perfect wedding drinks in a few easy steps.

1. Plan for the Day

Start by thinking about the day.  Are you having a formal wedding with drinks being served or a relaxed evening party with a buffet and bar?

2,  Budget

How much do you want to spend on wedding wine is all down to your budget.

It’s important to know how much you want to spend on drinks.  There are fantastic choices at every price point, but you’ll find it much easier to plan if you know how much you’ve got to play with in total.

3. Quantities

How much wine do you need for a wedding?  Averaged out across all the guests, we suggest you plan for a welcoming glass of sparkling wine (and another for a toast) plus half a bottle per person with the meal.

If you know how many guests are coming we can do all the calculations for you.  With our sale or return service you can order without worrying or order a few extra cases to enjoy after your wedding.

C.  Choice of Wines

1.  Welcome drinks - Sparkling Wine

For the reception, you’ll probably want a sparkling wine that you can serve in reasonable volume.  Prosecco, Cava, Crémant or even Champagne are the perfect options.  For those on a tighter budget, Cava and Crémant are made in the same way as Champagne and have slightly richer, rounder flavours.  Prosecco tends to be lighter and fresher with a more fruity flavour.  For non-drinkers you could offer sparkling elderflower or simply sparkling water with some sliced lemon.

2.  Food Pairings - White, Red and Rosé Wine

It’s probably best not to be too adventurous and rather pick wines that are likely to suit a range of tastes rather than particular food pairings.  Try to choose easy drinking wines that are popular with everyone and which taste good with or without food.  Good white wine options could be sauvignon blanc from the Loire, a South African chenin blanc or a Southern Italian white. If you’re looking for a richer wine then try a chardonnay but avoid anything with too much oak.

In spring or summer, don’t overlook rosé for your wedding wine if you are having hors d'oeuvres and summery dishes.  It’s food friendly, looks great in pictures and feels very celebratory to enjoy throughout the day.

3.  Beer

Beer, like wine, has too many varieties and you should really appeal to a broader spectrum.

Beer drinkers will probably be looking for a cold lager, especially if you are hosting a summer wedding. Pale ale has increased in popularity and is a great alternative for drinkers looking for a hike up in hoppy flavour. Not all pale ale is expensive craft beer - many good quality breweries now produce pale ales at an affordable price. Traditional real ale is another popular request with most real ale drinkers preferring the beer drawn from a cask

And don’t forget, alcohol-free beers are a great way to provide guests with a delicious non alcoholic option.

4.  Cocktails and Apéritifs

Cocktails and apéritifs are the wonderfully versatile drinks for those who enjoy spirits, want to sip something refreshing before the main wedding meal or are looking for something a little lighter in alcohol to enjoy during the big day.  Classic cocktails like Aperol Spritz or a Pimm’s are perfect for summer weddings or spice up the classic G&T with one of our exciting pink gins for any time of the year.

5.  Soft Drinks

Don’t forget to include some tempting soft drinks for non drinkers and for guests who want to keep themselves refreshed during a longer wedding or for anyone who’s not drinking.  There are many delicious 0% beers and spirits now which offer a more grown-up option.  Stock up on premium tonics or flavoured sparkling water and provide ice and garnishes so everyone can enjoy a drink that feels special.  Or for something really simple, it’s easy to upgrade jugs of mineral water with cucumber and fresh mint.

Bride & Groom

If you are the bride and groom, we can host a wedding gift list for you.  A wine gift list is a nice alternative to the traditional gifts given at a wedding as you can choose your own wedding wine list and is great for those of you who love fine wines.

A wine gift list ensures you’ll receive gifts you’ll really enjoy and which can be very personal.  It can be enjoyed both individually or as part of a larger group.  What better way to start married life together than by stocking your wine rack (or cellar)?

Whether you’re a wine connoisseur or you simply enjoy a glass of wine at the end of the day, you’ll be sure to savour every sip from your carefully chosen gift selection and drink to those who were kind enough to purchase the wine for you.

Bride and groom pouring champagne
Wedding Rings

Wedding gift lists are a great way to cater for all budgets. When you choose a wine wedding list, you can ensure that your friends and family can choose a much appreciated gift which won’t necessarily be too expensive.

We will also include a specially designed personal label that carries the message of your guest.  Alternatively they can purchase wine gift vouchers to be redeemed at your convenience.  As part of our wine wedding gift list service, we label each bottle to identify who has given each particular bottle of wine and include any personal message.

If you have any further questions regarding our wedding wine list service, then please feel free to contact us.


When that special day arrives in anyone's life, you need to know that you can always find the perfect gift to help commemorate the occasion.  Here at York Wines, we offer a great selection of wedding wine gifts for both the bride and groom.

We have carefully compiled a wide range of fine wines from around the globe, all of which we have sampled and tasted including all the vintages available.  Only when we are 100% satisfied that the highest quality has been achieved and that the wine represents a fair price, do we stock the wine.  You can rest assured that when you buy wedding wine gifts from us here at York Wines you will be giving quality to the bride and groom.

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If you are a guest of the bride and groom we will have added their details to our wedding wine list page and you can scroll down the page and click their names to choose from their list of selected wines or gift vouchers where you can then order from the selection they have chosen.  We will deliver the ordered wine as per instructions given by the happy couple. You can also add a personal message when you order, and this will be included on a label fixed to each bottle of wine you order along with a gift card.

Wedding wine gifts are a great way to say a big congratulations to the happy couple and we can deliver your chosen wine anywhere throughout mainland UK.

If you have any further questions about wedding wine gifts or any of the wines we have available on our website then please feel free to contact us.  Alternatively should you require a wine that you cannot find on our site, please ask as we have many resources available to a massive network of wine and producers. We are always happy to help in any way we can, so please contact us today about your wedding wine gifts.

Whether you are looking for a single bottle or larger quantities for your wine gift delivery, then we have it covered from smart looking bottle bags and wooden crate gift sets for single or multiple bottles. We even offer gift vouchers should you are looking for the wine to be chosen by the recipient of the gift. We offer a nationwide delivery service and even offer free next day delivery on orders over £125