Looking forward to summer with the perfect wines to drink with salads

Bowl of Salad

So many different salads. So many different flavours and textures. Where to start!

The one thing all salads have is a dressing which is designed to perfectly complement the components. Match your wine to the salad dressing and you can’t go wrong

Here are some of the most popular salad dressings you’ll find, so you can match your wine whether you’re eating out in a pub or restaurant or enjoying salad at home al fresco in the summer sunshine

Ranch Dressing

The base for this dressing is mayonnaise, buttermilk and sour cream-rich, thick, creamy and indulgent. The butteriness of an oak aged Californian Chardonnay is the perfect match. Try Masut EstateChardonnay 2019

Classic Italian Dressing

With a base of either wine or balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and Italian herbs this dressing matches well with CorteAdami Soave Classico Cimalta 2018, Italy the peach and almond notes and slight hint of oiliness counteract the sharpness of the vinegar.

Caesar Dressing

One of the most popular dressings and the most versatile –as can be with chicken, salmon or just the salad alone. A rich creamy mayonnaise base of olive oil, egg yolk and the sharpness of Worcester sauce makes a cool climate Sauvignon the perfect partner. Try Domaine le PetitSoumard Pouilly Fume 2020


Blue Cheese Dressing

A familiar creaminess with mayonnaise, sour cream and yogurt to form the base of this dressing but with a hint of bitterness from the blue cheese, this calls for a high acidity wine with a tingly hit and our Casade Compostela Vinho Verde DOC 2019 is just fantastic

Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

This utilises cider vinegar and some raspberry preserve to add red berry fruitiness and citrus sharpness to the vinegar. It works well with salads that contain fruit for a slight tropical hints and as such works well with a fruity wine. Try Corte Adami Valpolicella DOC 2019for gentle raspberry fruitiness or Masut Estate Pinot Noir 2017,California for cherries, berries and delicious Autumn fruits

Classic French Vinaigrette

This is the basis for so many salads it is hard to go wrong. A classic and sophisticated combination of white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil pairs really well with a high acidity wine like Albarino. Try Left Field Albarino 2020 Gisborne New Zealand or Casade Compostela Alvarinho 2019 If the vinaigrette dresses a Niçoise salad then a Provence Rose is the perfect accompaniment. Try Pierre deTaille by L’hostellerie Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Rose AOP 2020 or ChateauMontaud Cotes de Provence Rose 2020

Greek Vinaigrette

This base for the classic feta and olive components of Greek salad is a combination red wine vinegar, lemon juice, mustard and oregano. Perfect with a Spanish Rueda like Pago Traslagares Verdejo 2020

The perfect accompaniments to go with any summer salad. Now all we need is some sunshine!