Valentine's Day Just Desserts

Rose, Wine glasses

If the thought of a buying a dessert wine to match with a pudding leaves you flummoxed about date night, then read on, we have the perfect non dessert wine pairings to enjoy with your desserts!

Peach Cobbler

The fresh acidity of a dry Riesling will cut through the syrupy sweetness of this decadent pudding whilst the peach, baked apple and citrus fruit flavours further enhance the peach in the cobbler

Try Esk Valley Marlborugh Riesling 2019, £12.95or Domane Wachau Riesling Federspiel 2019 £13.95

White Chocolate

The sharpness of lime and grapefruit in New Zealand Sauvignon combines delightfully with the rich vanilla butteriness of white chocolate to create the illusion of a creamy fruit mousse. Try JacksonEstate Greenlip Sauvignon Marlborough 2020, £13.95 or Gravel& Loam Marlborough Sauvignon 2021, £10.75

Apple Pie

The soft aromatic elderflower hints in Gewurtztraminer combine wonderfully with apple and cinnamon, without overpowering the flavours and retaining freshness, creating the perfect balance without overpowering. Try Philip Gocker Gewurtztraminer 2018 Alsace, £10.75

Lemon Tart

Oaked Chardonnay is a match made in heaven – fresh citrus and the creamy softness of oak complimenting zesty lemon and buttery flaky pastry perfectly. Try DomaineSangouard-Guyot Saint-Veran 2019 La Cote Rotie, £15.95 or Masut Estate Chardonnay 2019California, £33.65

Chocolate Mousse

The sharpness of bubbles in a Lambrusco Rosso cuts through the richness of dark velvety chocolate whilst adding sweet red fruit flavours to create flavours almost of decadent black forest gateau in the mouth Try Lambrusco Rosso DOPCastlevetro ‘Ciacaron’ Italy £13.55

Strawberry Cream Scones

The richness of whipped cream and fresh fruity strawberries is complimented perfectly by the tingly fresh lemon finish of a Loire Chenin. Try Chateau de la Durandiere Saumur Blanc 2018 Silver Medal, £11.75

Carrot Cake

The mixed spices of cinnamon, mace and nutmeg in carrot cake pair beautifully with the nuttiness of sherry. Fino is dry and sharp to cut through the cream cheese icing, serve chilled in glasses from the freezer. Try MiraLa Mar Fino Sherry, £13.45