War of the Rosés

Rose wine in glasses

Sheriff Hutton, where York Wines are based, is steeped in history with two castles in the village, only one of which still stands, albeit as ruins. Sheriff Hutton itself has strong links to both Richard III and Henry VII and the War of the Roses with Richard III himself having being based at the castle throughout his time as the King and head of the House of York. Situated just thirteen miles from York, the northern capital, Sheriff Hutton was chosen as one of two sites (the other being Sandal Castle) to host the 'Council of the North', a body designed to improve Royal administration in Northern England. He also used the site as a stronghold and as the threat of invasion from Henry Tudor increased he sent his retinue to the castle for their safety.


However needless to say the War of the Roses didn’t go well for Richard or the House of York with the demise of both. Luckily here at York Wines we don’t hold that against anybody especially our Rosé wine. 

From its pretty pink hue to its refreshing taste on a warm summer day, rosé has become the "it” wine over the last several years, and it shows no signs of fading. But despite being a social media star and attractive garden party drink, many people still don’t know what rosé is, or where it comes from. 

So what is Rosé wine you ask?

Pour Red and White together that makes Rosé, right?! 

Rosé is not a specific type of grape — it's simply refers to the colour of the wine, like red and white. Rosé is generally made using red grapes and the most common grapes used are Grenache, Sangiovese, Syrah, Mourvèdre, Cinsault, and Pinot Noir. The grapes are typically blended, however, in some cases, like in California, rosés can be made as single varietals with 100% Pinot Noir grapes. 

The rosé colour comes from the red colour of the skins on the grapes. When the juice and grape skins marry, the colour of the grape skins bleeds into the juice, creating the wine's colour. In wine making, this process is called maceration. The reduced skin contact is what gives rosé its signature colour. Rosé has increased in popularity all over the world but it has been a mainstay in France for centuries, with the region of Provence producing more rosé than any other style of wine. It’s also quite popular in Spain (where it’s called Rosado) and Italy (Rosato).

You may notice that rosé comes in different shades of pink varying from dark pink almost red to very pale pink and salmon with every other colour in between.  For example here at York Wines look at the variety of colours we have in some of our rose wines. 

So what does it taste like? 


Rosé's flavour profile is fresh and fruity with red fruits such as strawberries, cherries and raspberries. When it comes to the best way to serve rosé, temperature is all important. No one likes drinking warm rosé and the right temperature can bring out the best qualities and enhance its taste! So don’t forget to put your rosé in the fridge prior to drinking and serve it anywhere between 4-10 degrees. 

Why not give some of our newest rosé a try? Perfect for the upcoming summery months and a great addition to those BBQs on hot evenings that we have been promised by the weatherman. Take a look in particular at the following wines which are in stock.

Chateau d'Esclan Whispering Angel Rose 2021 £21.95
Whispering Angel Rose is regularly referred to as the new benchmark for classic French Cotes de Provence Rose. This new 2021 vintage of Whispering Angel Rose is no exception. Adored by wine lovers around the world this Whispering Angel Rose has evocative flavours of grapefruit and citrus combined with a wonderfully refreshing acidity. 

Roger et Didier Raimbault Sancerre Rose 2020 £16.85

Roger et Didier Raimbault Sancerre Rose 2019 is a stunning, light, delicate and subtle Rose wine. A rare and distinctive Rose made exclusively from Pinot Noir grapes. Quite light, fragrant and delicately complex. This is a wine to think about and enjoy its charm. Pinot Noir Rose at its very best. 

Pierre de Taille by L'hostellerie Coteaux d'Aix-en-Provence Rose AOP 2021 £11.15

This Rose is wonderfully typical of the region - red currants, cherries, wild raspberries and spice abound from the glass onto the nose.  Soft, light and dry. Pierre de Taille is pale in colour and and a delicately flavoured Rosé but with good weight and depth. Fresh and fruity bouquet of red fruit and slight citrus mineral note. Well balanced with refreshing finish.

Calusari Pinot Noir Rose 2021 £8.25
This Rose is pale pink in colour. Dry and fruity in the mouth with a crisp acidity on the palate. Soft, clean fruity flavours fill your mouth with an ever so slightly peppery aftertaste intermixed with hints of caramel.

Chateau Ladesvignes Bergerac Rose 2020 Silver Medal £9.45
Chateau Ladesvignes Bergerac Rose is dry, fresh and different. If you try it we are confident that you will enjoy it. Made from red grapes, but in the style of a white wine. This wine makes for a fantastically refreshing summer wine. This is a lovely Rose for all occaions. Not too dry and not too sweet, just lovely, fresh and very fruity.