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National English Wine Week 2022!

Celebrate the History of English Wine This Week

English Wine Producers, a trade association for English vineyards, established the event in 2006 to promote English wines. There are over 700 individual vineyards in the British Isles ranging from extremely small ones (the smallest only has six vines) to ones of almost 90-hectares (222-acres). Together they total around 2,000-hectares (4,942-acres). The English wine scene has come a long way in recent years, with the number of vineyards more than doubling since 2006. More and more vines and English vineyards are being planted even now. This growth is due to favourable climatic conditions and increased demand for high-quality English wines. But it’s not the quantity of English wine that has improved in recent years; the quality has increased too. 

English wine has been gaining popularity in recent years, and there are several reasons why. First, the climate in England has improved for growing grapes, as the increase in warmth helps extend the growing season and produces lush, ripe fruit. English winemakers have refined their techniques in recent years, resulting in wines with more complex flavour profiles. English wine has a distinct taste, with its high acidity providing freshness and energy that have won it many awards within the wine industry. 
With English wine poised to continue its success for many years to come why not get on board and give it a try? 
At York Wines we stock English wines from the Three Choirs Vineyards. The Three Choirs Vineyard is based down in Gloucestershire and is one of the oldest in the UK dating back to the early 1973 when a local wine retailer and keen motoring enthusiast Alan McKechnie started harvesting the vines that he had planted on an experimental basis - and thus was born one of the oldest and most important wine producers in England. After nurturing his vineyard that had expanded mainly in part to the record temperatures of 1976 for 11 years, Alan unfortunately had to sell up in 1984 due to poor health and a new owner was found. 
Under the new ownership of John Oldacre the vineyards began to flourish to coincide with this the name was changed from Fairfield Fruit Farms to Three Choirs Vineyards due in part to John’s connections to the Three Choirs Festival, England’s oldest choral festival. Unfortunately John was not able to see what Three Choirs has become today, passing away in 2001 and the company largely remains in the hands of his family. After an increase in visitor numbers and the need to modernise, a new state of the art winery and visitor centre was opened up to accommodate.
In 2017, after a yearlong project of rebranding, Three Choirs announced new labels for their wines, produced in collaboration with Amphora Design, a specialist design consultancy working specifically with the wine trade. Local illustrator Jane Randfield was commissioned to produce the illustration for the labels that incorporated the vineyard and the surrounding countryside. With a constant focus on innovation and multiple award wins (including the first gold medal at Vinexpo in Bordeaux to be awarded to an English vineyard Managing Director at Three Choirs, Thomas Shaw, says; "It is great to be packaging our wine with a label that truly reflects the provenance of our produce. English Wine deserves its own identity and Three Choirs is proud to be the first major English Vineyard to fully embrace our English Heritage on the bottle.” So why not take a look at and grab a couple of bottles of Three Choirs award winning wine and help us all celebrate English wine week. 

Award winning – Three Choirs Vineyard Classic Cuvee Sparkling Wine N/V. 
A blend of Seyval Blanc 80% and  Pinot Noir 20% this Three Choirs sparkling wine has lovely fine bubbles with a pale green colour in the glass. Initailly a little appley but then with hints of underripe redcurrants. Dry and  fragrant and really pleasing.

 Three Choirs Vineyard Willow Brook 2020 – 
This is from the 60% Schonburger and 40% Siegerrebe grape varieties. Three Choirs Vineyard Willow Brook 2020 has a soft, delicate nose and aromatic aromas which are followed by intricate spicy soft fruit flavours and a really long aftertaste.

Three Choirs Vineyard English House Dry White
This is the dry white - made from Seyval Blanc 50% Reichtenstiener 30% Madelaine Angelvine 20%. Three Choirs Vineyard English House Dry White wine is fresh and welcoming on the nose with hints of nettles and blackcurrant leaves. Delicate, fresh and tingly in the mouth with flavours of lemons, nettles and elderflower which leads to a crisp dry but not acidic finish. There is a very long aftertaste.

Three Choirs Vineyard Rose 
This is a rose – made from Shiraz/Syrah, Grenache and Mourvedre On the palate the summer 
berry fruit is well balanced with zesty acidity to deliver a fine, complex, off-dry Rose wine.

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Looking forward to summer with the perfect wines to drink with salads

Salad definition and meaning | Collins English Dictionary

So many different salads. So many different flavours and textures. Where to start!

The one thing all salads have is a dressing which is designed to perfectly complement the components. Match your wine to the salad dressing and you can’t go wrong

Here are some of the most popular salad dressings you’ll find, so you can match your wine whether you’re eating out in a pub or restaurant or enjoying salad at home al fresco in the summer sunshine

Ranch Dressing

The base for this dressing is mayonnaise, buttermilk and sour cream-rich, thick, creamy and indulgent. The butteriness of an oak aged Californian Chardonnay is the perfect match. Try Masut EstateChardonnay 2019

Classic Italian Dressing

With a base of either wine or balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive oil and Italian herbs this dressing matches well with CorteAdami Soave Classico Cimalta 2018, Italy the peach and almond notes and slight hint of oiliness counteract the sharpness of the vinegar.

Caesar Dressing

One of the most popular dressings and the most versatile –as can be with chicken, salmon or just the salad alone. A rich creamy mayonnaise base of olive oil, egg yolk and the sharpness of Worcester sauce makes a cool climate Sauvignon the perfect partner. Try Domaine le PetitSoumard Pouilly Fume 2020

Blue Cheese Dressing

A familiar creaminess with mayonnaise, sour cream and yogurt to form the base of this dressing but with a hint of bitterness from the blue cheese, this calls for a high acidity wine with a tingly hit and our Casade Compostela Vinho Verde DOC 2019 is just fantastic

Raspberry Balsamic Vinaigrette

This utilises cider vinegar and some raspberry preserve to add red berry fruitiness and citrus sharpness to the vinegar. It works well with salads that contain fruit for a slight tropical hints and as such works well with a fruity wine. Try Corte Adami Valpolicella DOC 2019for gentle raspberry fruitiness or Masut Estate Pinot Noir 2017,California for cherries, berries and delicious Autumn fruits

Classic French Vinaigrette

This is the basis for so many salads it is hard to go wrong. A classic and sophisticated combination of white wine vinegar, Dijon mustard and extra virgin olive oil pairs really well with a high acidity wine like Albarino. Try Left Field Albarino 2020 Gisborne New Zealand or Casade Compostela Alvarinho 2019 If the vinaigrette dresses a Niçoise salad then a Provence Rose is the perfect accompaniment. Try Pierre deTaille by L’hostellerie Coteaux d’Aix en Provence Rose AOP 2020 or ChateauMontaud Cotes de Provence Rose 2020

Greek Vinaigrette

This base for the classic feta and olive components of Greek salad is a combination red wine vinegar, lemon juice, mustard and oregano. Perfect with a Spanish Rueda like Pago Traslagares Verdejo 2020

The perfect accompaniments to go with any summer salad. Now all we need is some sunshine!

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Pairing Wine with Pasta Dishes

Why is it bad to cut the pasta in half in Italy? - Quora

Pasta is one of the most popular go-to dishes for family dinneror a night out. So whether the sauce on your pasta dish is tomato, cheese,seafood, vegetable or pesto based, we have the wine to match for you

Dishes with Tomato Based Sauces

These sauces usually contain rich red meat like beef in abolognaise or sausage in a hearty Ragu. The rich protein balances out theacidity of the tomatoes in the sauce. A tart, medium bodied wine works reallywell try Varvaglione Zinfandel Primitivo Del Salento 2017,Monatic Dark Montepulciano D’Abruzzo DOC 2016, orFontella Chianti DOCG 2019

Dishes with Cheese Sauces

Whilst many wines pair with cheese there are many different cheeses,and this is the trick to matching wine with your dish. Creamy cheeses likericotta and mascarpone, frequently used in risottos and cannelloni go reallywell with fuller-bodied, creamy chardonnays, with a little oak like DomaineSangouard-Guyot Saint-Veran 2019 La Cote Rotie or even an unoaked,rounder chardonnay such as Catherine & Didier Tripoz Macon CharnayBlanc Clos Des Tournos 2020

Harder tart cheeses such as pecorino and parmesan workwell with lighter, more floral sauvignon type dry white wines like PetruccoRibolla Gialla 2019 Fruili Colli Orientali DOC or a light pinotnoir type red. Try Corte Adami Valpolicella DOC 2019, burstingwith fresh raspberry fruit, an excellent complement.

Seafood Dishes

Light bodied wines with fresh acidity work best with seafooddishes to avoid overpowering the fine, delicate flavours. Try spaghetti Vongolewith French classics such as Domaine Girard Muscadet de Sevre et MaineSue Lie Le Fleuron 2020 or Domaine des Lauriers Picpoul dePinet 2020 Coteaux du Languedoc AC Gold Medal. To stick with Italianheritage try either Petrucco Pinot Grigio 2018 Fruili Colli OrientaliDOCG or Cantina Valdadige Pinot Grigio DOC 2020

Seafood dishes which contain tomatoes work well with ItalianPinot Grigio Rose. Try the amazing Monatic Amber Pinot Grigio Rose2019 or Cortefresca Pinot Grigio Rose 2020 Delle Venezie

Vegetable Based Dishes

Much as light bodies wines work well with seafood, similarcan be said of vegetables. Artichoke, asparagus and broccoli all have quitedelicate flavours and aromas and could easily be overpowered by a heavy wine. Herbaceous,lemony and floral notes work best and our Corte Adami Soave ClassicoSimalta 2018 is absolutely perfect whilst Roger & DidierRaimbault Sancerre Blanc 2020 works equally well.

Pesto Based Dishes

There are many different types of Pesto but most of themhave basil at its heart. Fresh, zingy and quite strong in flavour, these disheswork best with wines with herbaceous notes. Try Alcesti Grillo, SicilyDOC 2020, this is a fantastic alternative to Sauvignon with minerallynotes from the volcanic soil. Another great match is Domane WachauGruner Veltliner 2020 and one of our favourites here at York Wines.

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Matching Wine with Indian Food

    Vegan Indian Tofu Tikka Masala Recipe                                                                       

Matching wines to the highly spiced complex flavours and heat strengths in Oriental and Asian food can be a challenge. Many choose to drink beer but there are some fantastic pairings out there and these matches are widely available in most restaurants and Independent Wine Merchants

Here are some of our ideas for popular restaurant and takeaway favourites

Creamy dishes like Korma, Tikka Massala, Passanda

Fruity undertones and acidity will balance the richness ofthese dishes. In the Whites try Austrian Riesling such as DomaneWachau Felderspiel Riesling 2019, Italian Pinot Grigio like CantinaValdadige Pinot Grigio DOC 2020 and Alsace Gewurtraminer - PhilippeGocker Gewurtztraminer 2018

If you like fizz, a sparkling rose such as LambruscoSorbara Manfreina DOP or Villa Braida Rose Proseccoworks a treat

Spicy, medium-bodied reds also work well complimenting the creaminess; from Italy try an oaked Sangiovese such as Poggio MorinoChianti Classico 2018 or a Barbera – Azienda Agricol IlBotolo Barbera D’Asti DOCG 2018 or a rich, fruity Californian Zinfandel like Scotto ‘Family Wines’ Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel 2017

Tomato based and spicy dishes like Vindaloo, Massala,Jalfrezi

Lighter, fruity reds work best with these. The fruit is the perfect complement without being overpowered by the spiciness. Try a Gamay such as Chateau d’Emiringes Beaujolais Villages Cuvee Fruitee 2020 GoldMedal, a Pinot noir like our unusual find from the Loire – JeanMarie Berthier L’Instant Pinot Noir 2020 or a fantastic Austrian Zweigelt – Domane Wachau Blauer Zweigelt 2019 Terrassen

Green Dishes like Raita and Saag

Dry white wines are perfect with these fragrant, herbal dishes which usually feature onions, coriander, leafy greens and highly complex flavours. Our Domaine Wachau Gruner Veltliner 2020 is perfect, or try Domaine Girard Muscadet de Sevre et Maine ‘Sur Lie’ LeFleuron 2020 or Casa de Compostela Alvarinho 2019

The golden rule is – the hotter the curry, the sweeter thewine- to counteract heat and to balance flavour

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Shrove Tuesday 01 March 2022 - Pancake Day!

                                                                           What date is Pancake Tuesday 2021? and a fun recipe to enjoy - Daily Record

Shrove Tuesday or Mardi Gras – ‘Fat Tuesday’ in France - has long been a traditional date in the Christian calendar. It marks the final day of indulgence of rich, fatty foods – generally foods made with eggs and butter –before the 40 day fast of Lent begins.

Most people, regardless of religious beliefs tend to indulge in pancakes or crepes on Shrove Tuesday, usually with lashings of sugar, lemon and honey.

We have the perfect wines to match your chosen indulgence.

Savoury pancakes

Ham and Cheese Crepes, salty ham and rich melted cheese can take a lovely light red, try Domaine de Roche GuillonFleurie 2019, a Gamay from Beaujolais or Domaine Henri Delagrange Hautes Cotes deBeaune 2019, a Pinot Noir from Burgundy

Buckwheat Pancakes with Scallops or Salmon, the slight earthiness of buckwheat gallettes combined with light moist seafood and rich cream and white wine sauce will match well with a slightly more rounded Sauvignon such as Domaine le Petit Soumard Pouilly Fume 2020,a slightly sweeter Chenin such as Chateau de la Durandiere SaumurBlanc 2018 or an oaky chardonnay like Saint Veran DomaineSangouard-Guyot Terroirs 2019. Some fantastic choices depending on your personal preference

Sweet Pancakes

Sugar and Honey Pancakes A semi dry sparkling wine is a perfect match for these sweet crepes. Try a rose prosecco such as VillaBraida or a Cremant de Loire like Louis Grenelle Platine Brut

Chocolate Pancakes Rich, sweet, melted chocolate works well both with white crepes and buckwheat gallettes (especially with some chopped nuts.) These are the ultimate decadence and can take a very sweet, heavy wine such as Niepoort Late Bottled Vintage Port 2017or Barbeito Madeira Malvasia Reserva

Cheers and enjoy!

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Valentine's Day Just Desserts

If the thought of a buying a dessert wine to match with a pudding leaves you flummoxed about date night, then read on, we have the perfect non dessert wine pairings to enjoy with your desserts!

Peach Cobbler

The fresh acidity of a dry Riesling will cut through the syrupy sweetness of this decadent pudding whilst the peach, baked apple and citrus fruit flavours further enhance the peach in the cobbler

Try Esk Valley Marlborugh Riesling 2019, £12.95or Domane Wachau Riesling Federspiel 2019 £13.95

White Chocolate

The sharpness of lime and grapefruit in New Zealand Sauvignon combines delightfully with the rich vanilla butteriness of white chocolate to create the illusion of a creamy fruit mousse. Try JacksonEstate Greenlip Sauvignon Marlborough 2020, £13.95 or Gravel& Loam Marlborough Sauvignon 2021, £10.75

Apple Pie

The soft aromatic elderflower hints in Gewurtztraminer combine wonderfully with apple and cinnamon, without overpowering the flavours and retaining freshness, creating the perfect balance without overpowering. Try Philip Gocker Gewurtztraminer 2018 Alsace, £10.75

Lemon Tart

Oaked Chardonnay is a match made in heaven – fresh citrus and the creamy softness of oak complimenting zesty lemon and buttery flaky pastry perfectly. Try DomaineSangouard-Guyot Saint-Veran 2019 La Cote Rotie, £15.95 or Masut Estate Chardonnay 2019California, £33.65

Chocolate Mousse

The sharpness of bubbles in a Lambrusco Rosso cuts through the richness of dark velvety chocolate whilst adding sweet red fruit flavours to create flavours almost of decadent black forest gateau in the mouth Try Lambrusco Rosso DOPCastlevetro ‘Ciacaron’ Italy £13.55

Strawberry Cream Scones

The richness of whipped cream and fresh fruity strawberries is complimented perfectly by the tingly fresh lemon finish of a Loire Chenin. Try Chateau de la Durandiere Saumur Blanc 2018 Silver Medal, £11.75

Carrot Cake

The mixed spices of cinnamon, mace and nutmeg in carrot cake pair beautifully with the nuttiness of sherry. Fino is dry and sharp to cut through the cream cheese icing, serve chilled in glasses from the freezer. Try MiraLa Mar Fino Sherry, £13.45


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