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International Sauvignon Blanc Day 07 May 2021

From its origins in Bordeaux and taking its name from the French Sauvage – ‘wild’ white – Sauvignon Blanc has become arguably the world’s most popular white wine.

Whilst Marlborough in New Zealand and the French Loire valley have historically set the benchmarks for this crisp, dry, fresh and elegant eternal favourite, Sauvignon is produced all over the world and styles are very different, even within a country's growing areas.

Sancerre, such as Roger & Didier Raimbault 2018 is the stand-out Loire Sauvignon, well-known for its mown grass and nettle characteristics with others in the valley such as Domaine du Petit Soumard Pouilly Fume 2019 and Domaine Adele Rouze Quincy 2019 being slightly softer and rounder, with lemon and blackcurrant leaf aromas adding complexity.

New Zealand Sauvignons such as Esk Valley 2019 tend to exhibit notes of asparagus, lime, grapefruit and lychee with a distinctive tingle in the mouth.

Vistamar Sauvignon Blanc 2019 from Chile just bursts with tropical fruit mango, guava, passion fruit and gooseberries.

Romanian Sauvignon such as the Umbrele 2018 Recas Winery, is rounder and more full bodied than those from the Loire and New Zealand whilst still displaying the grapefruit and lime characteristics of the Southern hemisphere varieties.

South African varietals such as Roos Estate Sauvignon 2020 have pronounced vegetal and lemon citrus notes.

In celebration of International Sauvignon Blanc Day we have put together a Sauvignon Blanc Discovery Case to give you the opportunity to conduct your own tasting comparison of these identical, but at the same time widely different, wine styles. At £53.55 for 6 or £97.25 for 12 bottles, it is excellent value for some really lovely, extremely popular wines.

We'd love to know which is your favourite, so please let us know in the comments section below.....


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